44 Days of Witchery | Day One: Your Witchy Background

In all honesty, I’ve been looking into, and practicing Wicca for almost five years now. When I first started reading about it, I found it interesting but I didn’t really start to practice it until the second year, which is when I started dating my ex boyfriend. He too, is Wiccan. He’s the one who really got me into it, I’m grateful for that - and for him in general, he is no longer my boyfriend, sadly. However he is still one of my closest and best friends. He means the world to me, I’m not sure how I could get by without him in my life. I also have learned a decent amount from one of my other close friends, she’s always there to explain something I might not understand, and lend me things so I can continue to learn more. She’s always throwing something new at me that I’ve yet to learn. Not a super interesting background, alas it’s all mine, hope you enjoyed. :DD

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